Welcome to the Downriver Junior Football League



The Downriver Junior Football League’s Purpose is to provide a healthy, typically American, body contact sport for the average youth.

Starting with the premise that youths will play football anyway, anyhow, and anywhere, the League directs this activity to proper playing fields, provides the best protection equipment and competent instruction.

The League recognizes as valid the usual criticism leveled at programs ofthis type, that being that the good done by the program as a whole can beoutweighed by the harm derived from the undue mental pressures placedupon players of this age by the need to win. The program placesemphasis on good sportsmanship, teamwork and team discipline byplayers, coaches, and all representatives of the franchise, which is to say,perhaps, that winning at any cost is what is de-emphasized.

Therefore, the weight limitations are designed to tailor the program forthe average youth of 7 – 13, the youth who, in most cases, will nototherwise have the opportunity during their school career to participatein the contact sports. Combined with the age limitations that provide forthree different teams within a unit, there are achieved equal competitivestandards during game participation.

The players play a good and hard game, and half lose each time, as itmust be. The Downriver Junior Football League wants the half that loses to be proud of the game they played and the way they played, too. Withthat purpose accomplished, the League can be proud of its program.