Downriver Junior Football League

  Duties of the Cheerleading Committee


        This Committee is to meet on a schedule similar to that of the Board of Directors, and participation in this committee by each Unit is mandatory.

o       There will be no regularly scheduled meetings of the Cheerleading Committee during the month of July.

        This committee will formulate rules and regulations pertaining to participation of cheerleaders in games and practices.

        This committee will draft rules and regulations pertaining to the eligibility for participation of children in cheerleading teams.

o       There shall be absolutely no conflict between any DJFL eligibility rules for football players or cheerleaders relative to age of participants, residency requirements, waivers, waiver exemptions, registration requirements, or similar issues.

        Rules, regulations, schedule, criteria, management and performance of the DJFL Annual Cheerleading Competition or Cheer fest, shall be a responsibility of this committee.

o       Any and all receipts generated by the presentation of this event will be used to pay costs directly incurred to conduct same, and also including the cost of participation pins and award trophies purchased.  Any receipts in excess of these costs will become part of the General Fund of the DJFL.

        Criteria regarding the selection of Cheerleading Coaches shall be drafted and established by this committee. Said criteria to set the highest possible coaching standards for participation in the DJFL

        The Cheerleading Committee Chairperson will present cheerleading Rule additions and/or changes drafted by the Cheerleading Committee to the Rules & Eligibility Committee. Delivered drafts will be reviewed at this meeting. Those delivered drafts approved by a majority of those present at the combined meeting will be delivered to the Board of Directors for approval subject to the same criteria as are any Rules and rule changes.