Downriver Junior Football League

2022 DJFL Executive Committee Members

Executive Committee Assignments


   Doug Moores

 Organization & Membership:

 Walter Fronzak

 Vice President:

   Dannie Collins

 Member @ Large:

 Warren Knapp


 John Wester

 Member @ Large:

 Doug Ronan


   Demetrius Traylor

Member @ Large:


Duties of the Executive Committee


  • The Executive Committee shall appoint the League Head Official with the approval of the Board of Directors, establish and define the duties and responsibilities of such appointees, and shall have complete control over the activities of such appointees.
  • The Executive Committee shall establish and identify required procedures regarding the violation of rules and regulations by any member organization. The procedures will include: submission of complaints; actions and penalties imposed; and methods of reporting to the concerned franchises and the Board of Directors.
  • The Executive Committee shall act on violations of League Rules in accordance with those directives provided in Rule VIII. The Executive Committee may act without written complaint. The Executive Committee shall interpret all playing and eligibility rules during the season in cases of difference of opinion between members. Appeal of the Executive Committee decision regarding penalties or Rule VIII may be taken to Playing Rules and Eligibility. All appeals will require a two-thirds (2/3) majority for approval.
  • Penalties will be set in accordance with Rule VIII.This committee has the ability to set penalties based on each individual situation.
  • Members of this committee who are coaches will not be able to attend practices of franchises that are on their schedules or after week 5 appear to be playoff opponents.